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“It is a great honour for Qatar Airways to be awarded first place in [AirHelp’s] survey of 50 global airlines. Our number one rating is a reflection of the end-to-end experience of Qatar Airways’ passengers; from the product on our aircraft,

“We are very excited about the launch of Dubai Parks and Resorts’ official theme song, as it marks yet another milestone towards our opening in October. Our goal is to give our guests the chance to Experience Amazing,

“I am extremely delighted to welcome our experienced and talented executive managers to the hotel and I look forward to working with them in opening this very exciting hotel. With their appointments I know we will be able to deliver to our guests the distinctive and

"The range is built into the luxurious extension of the prestigious Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel. We pride [ourselves] on the extensive safety measures and

”Three years ago, the joining of FC Barcelona (football club) and Qatar Airways was truly history in the making, as this was the first time we entered into such a landmark sports partnership. We feel very proud of the milestones achieved by

“The decision to upgrade to the Boeing 787 reflects the importance of Shanghai and China to the airline. Shanghai is a modern metropolis and a global economic, financial, trading and shipping centre,

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