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“Our entire team is totally focussed on achieving the highest levels of reliability across our fleet, [as shown with the award for Top Operational Excellence].

"There is no industry recognition bigger and more prestigious than the World Travel Awards, and we are very proud to have won [two awards].

"By organising this annual [swimming] contest, we aim to create an atmosphere of fun and memorable experience for children by going into a new adventure that will teach them swimming skills of various kinds,

It is an honour to be named as the Best Premium Service Concept provider at the Mercurys Awards 2016.

"It is really humbling for a family owned, bootstrapped and debt-free business like ours to get [a CRISIL MSE 2] rating in a highly competitive industry.

"We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to our industry partners who attended the networking dinner to hear about the latest developments, especially the completion of refurbishments in our hotel apartments.