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UAE’s WWF Urges Businesses to Protect Water Resources

Emirates Nature-WWF is calling on all businesses in the UAE to begin monitoring their water consumption to support the preservation of natural resources by implementing the simple Alliance of Water Stewardship ‘how-to’ guide on sustainability in the workplace.

The guide outlines the core elements that make up a strong and measurable water savings strategy that can reap meaningful benefits in the nation.

By developing a water stewardship strategy that takes into consideration the role of water within an organisation, businesses can audit their current usage and develop a plan of action to manage water in a sustainable and responsible manner.

In the UAE, water savings efforts can pay off financially in as little as 1,5 years, and the five-step framework, developed by the Alliance of Water Stewardship, begins with the assessment of current water usage either through self-assessment or third party auditing, followed by the development of an overarching goal and a tailored plan of action.

Businesses are encouraged to not only implement the plan but also engage colleagues in this journey.

To ensure that the results are documented, the framework recommends measuring progress periodically and evaluating the performance, in addition to sharing efforts, results and learnings internally in the organisation.

Organisations stand to reduce environmental footprint, safeguard local sources of water, increase operational efficiency, minimize operating costs and mitigate future water supply risks.