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Little Gladiators Little Gladiators

UAE’s Fitness Centre for Children Participates in Fitness Expo Dubai

Little Gladiators , hailed as UAE’s first fitness centre for children, focuses on cultivating exercise and physical activity specifically for the young, will participate in Fitness Expo Dubai 2017.

The event takes place November 16 – 18, at the Ice Rink in Dubai Mall, and in addition, Little Gladiators are also participating in the Golden Mile Galleria Health Month, which will take place at Al Ittihad park of the Golden Mile Galleria in the Palm, from the middle of October to November.

Offering weekly classes of kickboxing, karate and gymnastics throughout the two months at the event, aiming to encourage locals to take part in public workout sessions. The Fitness Expo plan to make health and wellness accessible to all amateurs as well as professionals.