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Rahib Saab Rahib Saab

Travelport Highlights the Role of Technology

On February 20, a travel award ceremony dedicated to Saudi Arabia's travel leaders took place in Jeddah Hilton.

The event, organised by Travelport, provided a networking platform for the travel industry's stakeholders while informing them on how technology can meet traveller's demands.

Saudi Arabia leads the Middle Eastern region in terms of Internet penetration with its population becoming more aware and familiar with the idea of online orders and mobile travel sales significantly growing.

Rabih Saab, managing director, Travelport, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia, commented, "The Saudi travel and tourism industry is on the rise and we are very proud of our partnerships in the region, both on the travel agent community and airlines side […].

We are committed to supporting the country's travel industry players to grow their businesses and meet traveller demands.”