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TRAVEL TRADE WEEKLY: What makes the Middle East an attractive destination to clients and which are your top-selling destinations?

KATERINA MOUSBEH: The culture of the Middle Eastern countries is so different and so similar to the Greek culture with people having many cultural elements in common. Mideast Travel Worldwide, since the very first day of its operation, has been servicing not only foreigners visiting our country but also Greek travellers willing to meet new destinations such as Jordan and Lebanon. Today, after 35 consecutive years of operation, Mideast Travel Worldwide has become the only company in the Greek market specialising in both incoming and outgoing business and leisure travel to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and more. Our top selling destinations among the Middle Eastern countries include Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE.

TRAVEL TRADE WEEKLY: How has demand for trips to the Middle East grown over the past years?

KATERINA MOUSBEH: Over the past few years, a great demand for travelling to the Middle Eastern countries has been observed, especially in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This could be attributed to the favourable conditions offered by these markets to Greek enterprises, giving them the opportunity to create strong partnerships and potential expansion.

TRAVEL TRADE WEEKLY: What are the core values of the company that set it apart from it competitors and what are the main priorities of the company when it comes to handling the requirements of VIPs?

KATERINA MOUSBEH: Our We care philosophy defines our whole existence. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our clients and treat their goals as our own. We respect and value our employees, creating a working environment that is professionally challenging and personally rewarding. The passion for challenge is in our DNA.

TRAVEL TRADE WEEKLY: Based on Airports Council International’s data, Middle Eastern airports continue to deliver the fastest growth rate worldwide. In light of the region’s fast-paced development, what are your expectations for the future?

KATERINA MOUSBEH: As it is understandable, these growing numbers clearly depict the economic development of these countries, which are now included among the powerful countries of the world. What is very interesting for us is the fact that more and more charter flights are flying to Greece, showing the excessive demand for our country as it comes from these markets. Mideast Travel Worldwide, over the last past years, organises Greek Tourism Workshops in Middle Eastern countries on an annual basis, tightening the bonds with the local tourism market while also strengthening further its leading position as a destination management company [a title that the company received for the fourth consecutive year in a row during this year’s World Travel Awards].

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