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Bawadi Mall Bawadi Mall

Abu Dhabi to Grow Retail Scene

On the back of the continuous demand for shopping in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is set to add 46.7ha new retail premises by 2018, while Dubai is expected to build 71.7ha over the same period.

In Abu Dhabi, residents’ spending power, tourism growth and an affluent expatriate community were listed among the factors behind the booming demand for retail, with the capital’s malls visited at least once a week by 70 percent of the locals according to Brunswick Insight.

“With the growth in population, Abu Dhabi has experienced a massive increase in retail space. As such, malls and other retail centres have started to make an effort to reposition their facilities to become more attractive to both tenants and retailers,” concluded Bassam Saleh, marketing manager, Bawadi Mall.