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Germany Invites GCC Travellers to Explore its Natural Landscapes

Germany is firmly establishing its position as a leading destination for outdoor tourism, encouraging travellers to consider its nature and outdoor activities following the lift of post pandemic travel measures, with the German National Tourist Board leading the charge in presenting the country’s offering to GCC travellers.

The European country is the ideal travel destination for its array of outdoor locations, wildlife, sports, and adventure tour offerings, favoured by both domestic and international travellers. Germany’s tourism sector is inviting visitors to explore its parks, nature trails, and other open spaces with all the family.

“Travellers from the GCC are eager to explore, while ensuring they are keeping their families safe,” Yamina Sofo, director sales and marketing, German National Tourist Office, Gulf Countries said. “We are encouraging future travellers to consider nature-oriented holidays as an option, and Germany boasts a wealth of offerings across the regions, suitable for families, or solo travellers.”

The rise of holidaying in Germany for its natural landscapes has been growing evidently since the global pandemic began. Germany’s bountiful trails, waterfalls and national parks continue to be a key attraction, with areas across the country providing the perfect getaway.