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EU Air Passenger Traffic Record - More Than One Billion in 2017

According to Eurostat, in 2017 1,043 billion passengers travelled by air in the European Union (EU), up by seven percent compared with 2016 and by 39 percent compared with 2009.

Over this period, air passenger transport has steadily risen in the EU. In 2017 intra-EU transport represented almost half, 47 percent, of total air passenger transport in the EU and extra-EU transport over a third at 36 percent, while national transport accounted for fewer than one in every five passengers, 17 percent.

In 2017, the largest increase in air passenger transport were in Slovenia, Luxembourg, Estonia, Bulgaria and Czechia. The largest number of air passengers was recorded in the UK (265 million passengers), followed by Germany (212 million), Spain (210 million), France (154 million) and Italy (144 million).

The number of air passengers carried in 2017 rose in all EU member states compared with 2016. The highest increases were registered in Slovenia (+20 percent), Luxembourg, Estonia, Bulgaria and Czechia (all +19 percent), Romania, Croatia and Malta (all +18 percent), ahead of Poland and Portugal (both +17 percent). Among the top five member states in terms of air passengers transported in 2017, the highest increases were registered in Spain (+ eight percent) and the UK (+ six percent). Overall in the EU, the number of air passengers rose by 70.5 million (+ seven percent) between 2016 and 2017, driven by the rise in extra-EU (+ nine percent) and intra-EU transport (+ seven percent).