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Draa Abul Nagaa archeological mission Draa Abul Nagaa archeological mission

New Discovery Unveiled in Egypt

Egypt’s Ministry of State for Antiquities has announced the findings of an archaeological mission in the Draa Abul Nagaa necropolis near Luxor, which revealed 3,500 year old tombs, among other ancient artifacts.

After removing 450m³ of debris, the researchers uncovered a burial chamber of a judge named Userhat, which also housed 10 unique sarcophagi along with eight linen-wrapped mummies belonging to ancient Egypt’s 21st dynasty.

The site was also hiding a collection of over 200 funerary figurines and wooden masks.

The discovery helps experts gain new knowledge about the hidden fragments in ancient Egypt’s timeline and the archaeologists hope to get deeper understanding of the history as the excavations on the site continue.