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The terminal covers a total area of 4,750 m2 The terminal covers a total area of 4,750 m2

Jazeera Airways Announces Start of Flights from New Terminal

Jazeera Airways officially inaugurated the Jazeera terminal (T5) at Kuwait International Airport, announcing that it is due to start welcoming passengers through the terminal starting May 22.

The airline announced that all flights arriving to Kuwait on May 22, from 12:00 will arrive at the Jazeera terminal while departing flights will gradually be routed to the Jazeera terminal starting May 22. All departing flights will be fully served from the new terminal starting May 27.

Speaking at the event, Marwan Boodai, chairman, Jazeera Airways, said, “The new terminal was designed to facilitate their journey and provide them with a seamless travel experience thanks to a capacity exceeding 2.5 million passengers.”

According to the airline, Jazeera terminal is the first terminal owned by a non-government airline in the Middle East and is to ease traffic congestion at Kuwait International Airport.