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MENA Aerospace Jet MENA Aerospace Jet

MENA Aerospace Enter Hala Bahrain Partnership

MENA Aerospace has signed an agreement with Hala Bahrain for the provision of passenger handling services at a newly revamped, dedicated terminal building for travellers flying in and out of Bahrain International Airport on private or charter jets.

MENA Aerospace delivers distinctive capabilities in handling aircraft in and around hangars, using Mototok electric tugs, in line with cutting edge international standards. Hala Bahrain will ensure seamless transfers for passengers and crew arriving on private, government, business and corporate or chartered flights with services for passenger transportation, passenger handling, and luggage handling.

“[...] This agreement marks the realisation of a long-held vision for MENA Aerospace; to deliver convenient individual and packaged handling services directly to our clients, offering exclusive services with luxury facilities, at competitive rates [...].” commented Omar Matar, CEO, MENA Aerospace.