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Emirates’ US Economic Impact Unveiled

According to the study conducted by Campbell-Hill Aviation Group, Emirates demonstrated a significant positive impact on the US economy in 2015, contributing USD21.3 billion in revenue to the country.

From this figure, USD10.5 billion represents the airline’s contribution to the country’s GDP, while the company’s operations supported more than 104,000 US jobs in 2015.

By bringing some 580,000 travellers to the destination during the reviewed period, the carrier also facilitated USD3.2 billion of new trade-based revenue. 

Tim Clark, president, Emirates, commented, “Campbell-Hill’s data reaffirms the significant stimulative effect of Emirates’ operations on the U.S. economy. [...] We will continue working with our partners across the travel, tourism, aviation, aerospace and other industries, to expand and improve the products and services [...].” 

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