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Etihad Etihad

Etihad: USD10.7 Billion Economic Footprint in US

Etihad Aviation Group supports around 108,000 jobs across the US this year, contributing some USD10.7 billion and leaving an enormous impact on one of the world’s largest economies.

The group's economic footprint across the US includes USD3.8 billion in GDP and the support of 30,300 jobs, mainly through the recruitment of US-based suppliers for cabin interiors, IT infrastructure and new aircraft, thus, delivering USD2.9 billion to the country's GDP through domestic spending.

Some 22,400 American jobs will be backed by the USD1.9 billion that is expected to be left in the country by the Abu Dhabi-based carrier's passengers.

In addition, the group's partner airlines maintain another 54,800 jobs through their core operation and the wider leisure industry, with USD1.6 billion added to the national GDP.