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India to Require 1,600 New Aircraft

India’s preference for Airbus planes was further consolidated in 2015 with 250 new firm orders, lifting market share of orders and the in-service fleet to over 70 percent.

According to Airbus’ latest global Market Forecast, by 2034, India will require over 1,600 new passenger and freighter aircraft, valued at USD224 billion, to meet the surge in demand as a result of the forecasted boost of the country’s middle class population.

“As India’s industrial might grows, along with it come economic development, wealth generation and a rise in the number of regular and first-time flyers.

Airbus offers the most comprehensive aircraft product range from 100 to over 600 passengers to serve the Indian public and this growing demand,” said Kiran Rao, executive vice president, marketing and strategy, Airbus.