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 The first arrival at the new terminal was from Iraq The first arrival at the new terminal was from Iraq

Muscat Airport Opens New Passenger Terminal

On March 20, Muscat International Airport announced that its new passenger terminal had officially opened.

The new facility has been designed to attract more passengers, while also enhancing the airport’s services. In addition, the new terminal is anticipated to create more jobs, boost the economy and increase overall tourism into Oman.

“The whole nation has eagerly awaited the opening of the new building where we had the pleasure to start the real full cycle of operations to serve our travellers,” expressed an Oman Airports’ spokesperson via its official Twitter profile.
Going forward, the airport revealed that it aims to work keenly with the airport’s various teams to ensure a smooth transition of services and ease of procedures concerning the ongoing flights.

The first arrival at the newly built terminal was operated by Oman Air with its WY462 flight from Najar, Iraq, on March 20. Correspondingly, the last departure flight from the old passenger terminal was Oman Air's flight WY153 to Zurich, Switzerland, at 14:15.