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Sharaf Travel and Amadeus Partner to Drive NDC Forward in the UAE

Sharaf Travel Services, a leading retail travel agency based in Dubai, and Amadeus have set a new milestone to drive forward New Distribution Capability (NDC).  

Together with Sharaf Travels, Amadeus has successfully issued a Singapore airlines ticket on  March 04 with NDC content via Amadeus Travel Platform. Sharaf Travel has thus laid the foundation to deliver modern retailing, with new, richer and more innovative content and advanced servicing for its travellers.

NDC is an integral part of the Amadeus Travel Platform which brings together travel content from multiple sources (EDIFACT, NDC and other APIs), allowing travel agencies to easily search and compare offers on one screen. Through Amadeus’ NDC-enabled solutions, travel agencies like Sharaf Travel are able to shop, order and pay for airline travel offers via NDC in their usual booking environment.

Additionally, Sharaf Travel has access to the main servicing capabilities that an agency requires once a booking via NDC has been made, such as changes, cancellations, or adding ancillary services such as preferred seats, meals or checked baggage.

Jayaram Vaidyanathan Iyer, managing director, Sharaf Travels, said, “Our travel business was established to provide quality travel and tour services to the rapidly expanding population in the UAE. To meet that aim, we firmly believe in the value of NDC to address the industry’s need for modern retailing as well as travellers’ changing needs, offering our customers access to rich content as well as a transparent shopping experience.”