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Roberto Morgi Roberto Morgi

Roberto Morgi, Sales and product manager, TiBiWorld Tour Operator

When and how was the company formed?


TiBiWorld was born 10 years ago and our headquarter is located in Rome.

Our philosophy is enclosed in our name; in Latin ‘tibi’ means ‘for you’, thus, our name: The world for you.

The fusion of Latin and English, travellers’ past and present languages, is a reference to our core values: attention to tradition and the vision of the future.

We offer personalised tours to destinations that we have personally visited. […]

We aim to bring to our customers’ attention countries we love under a magnifying glass, pausing on certain areas and details that mass tourism often ignores.

What are the most important attributes of a good travel agent/tour operator?

First of all, deep knowledge of the destination, and then that of the market and its evolution.

What is the most frequently asked question that your company receives from customers?

Local assistance and a good price. Presently, people lay great emphasis on receiving reliable services at the best possible rates.

What are the must-visits and must-dos in Rome that no one should miss?

Local food, museums and archaeological sites, the people, the weather, the travel services; what else could anyone wish for?

Which destination would you like to visit next?

Next I plam on visiting Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Iran.

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