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Dinesh Poojary Dinesh Poojary

Dinesh Poojary, General Manager, Eihab Travels, Muscat, Oman

When and how did you get involved in the tourism industry? After my graduation I took a diploma course in tourism [...]. Once I [...] started working in 1996, I developed a passion for this industry [...].

I wanted to work in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry since I always loved travelling, meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds and wanted to learn more about why destinations chose to promote themselves the way they do.

What are the most important attributes of a good travel agent/tour operator?

Committed to providing the best quality service to clients, making the visits an experience [with a] personalised service.

Prompt responses to queries, good product knowledge [and] good relationships with suppliers.

What is the most frequently asked question that your company receives from customers

When should I book my holidays to get a good deal?

Are you sure your rates are better than online rates?

What currency and how much should I take for my expenses?

Where I can find Halal restaurants and nice shopping?

How different are you from your competitors?

What are the must-visits and must-dos in Oman that nobody should miss?

Stay in the desert. Stay at unique and special hotels like Alila Jabal Akhdar.

Visit to local mountain villages. Off road adventures like mountain [or] desert crossing, water activities like dolphin watching, snorkelling and diving.

Salalah, especially during the Khareef season.

Which destination is on your bucket-list?

[…] Priority is for a family vacation in Orlando and a cruise in the Caribbean.