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W Amman welcomes winter indoor venues W Amman welcomes winter indoor venues

W Amman Welcomes Winter Indoor Venues

W Amman kicks off the winter season at Aura Lounge. Located on the first floor, Aura features curated spaces with a fusion of intimate and open areas that enables the ultimate sense of coziness while still being in the spotlight of the party.

For those seeking a place to unwind or escape, Aura is not only the perfect indoor venue for this season, but also offers the comfort foods that you crave from around the world, from delicious sliders to tempting tacos. Signature cocktails with a Middle Eastern twist have been specially crafted by head bartenders from around the world. Aside from F&B, W is known for its distinction in music. Aura brings the best beats to the city whether it is through live performances or original DJ parties, and it recently hosted the first live performance by one of the most versatile musical artists from England; Lexter, bringing the energy that makes everyone hit REPEAT.

Commenting on Aura Lounge, Esra Parin, general manager, Amman, said, “Aura is a design-driven and truly unique venue that reflects brand’s bold design and vibrant style.” She continued, “The artistry in the design resonates in every dish or cocktail crafted, further adding to the sensational ambiance. We want our guests to feel as though they’ve stepped into another world, by enjoying the energetic ambiance at Aura.”

The décor of ‘Aura’ reinterprets the stunning angles and elevations of Petra with rose stone tones and colorful, silk-like flooring. The venue is accented with exquisite pieces of art work from Jordanian artist, Hazem Al Zoubi, which not only capture the boldness and energy of the W brand but also features local accents that portray the past in a modern form.